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Frama-C blog loses self-awareness, new authors step in

The Frama-C blog is back, with an extended set of writers and a different focus: small pieces of (informal) documentation and useful tips for Frama-C users.

During its self-awareness period, the Frama-C blog realized that silence is a valid option, sometimes better than the alternatives.

Still, we thought better to remove its self-awareness and regain control of the blog, to post useful information for Frama-C users, ranging from beginners to advanced plug-in developers.

The name of the blog is still relevant: we will keep talking about Frama-C news and ideas, but with a slightly different focus, dedicating some posts to usage tips, new features, and general information that we judge useful for the Frama-C community.

We hope to keep the blog useful and informative. Feel free to post your comments and questions, either here or on the frama-c-discuss list.


1. On Monday, April 4 2016, 00:21 by Yannick Moy

Finally, someone dares follow in the steps of Pascal! I hope it's not an April fool's day joke.