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Tuesday, March 19 2013

Digital Technologies ANR Awards

In about a month, on April 17 and 18, ANR, the French research agency, will hold a meeting on digital technologies. On this occasion, ANR will also give 5 awards to projects it has funded in the previous years. It is my pleasure to announce here that U3CAT, which has fueled the development of Frama-C during the last 4 years, is among the nominees. This is of course a great reward for all the partners that have been involved in the project (Airbus, Atos, CEA LIST, CNAM, CS, Dassault Aviation, Inria and Sagem), and we are very grateful to the ANR for that, although we of course hope to be able to brag a bit more about it next month[1]. In the meantime, I guess that it is an excellent occasion to remind you that we are always open to collaborations to ensure that Frama-C keeps being headed in the good direction.


[1] If you haven't seen anything on this blog by April, 19th, I suppose that you'll understand yourselves what the outcome was regarding our project